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In November 1999, Angela started a clique called Hopeless Romantics — a place for people who really believe in love. Whether you're in a relationship or not, everyone here shares a strong belief in the magic of love. The clique had some quiet times in the past, but in 2024, things got exciting again!
Beyond the clichés of saccharine sentiments, this clique values a nuanced perspective — a celebration of love's profound influence and a lasting appreciation for the very essence of love itself.
Whether you're a seasoned member or a curious newcomer drawn to the allure of romantic tales, the Hopeless Romantics embark on a fresh chapter in 2024. This revival marks a vibrant continuation of their journey, weaving stories of love's enduring power and solidifying this community as an eternal haven for those who hold dear the enchanting and transformative nature of romantic connections. The Hopeless Romantics are not about being overly sentimental. They just love the idea of love and think it's powerful and special. Whether you've been here a long time or just joined, everyone is part of this renewed excitement.
In 2024, they're telling new stories about the enduring magic of love, making this clique a happy place for those who adore the charming and transformative nature of romance.
Feel free to browse around and enjoy your stay! Wanna exchange links?

 <3 Christina

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