"Kupo, kupo!"...

is moogleish and means..? Well, no one knows for sure. Moogles are indeed iconic and beloved creatures in the Final Fantasy series. They are often characterized by their fluffy appearance, small wings, pom-pom antenna, and a penchant for using the word "kupo" in their speech. While they vary slightly in design from game to game, they generally have a cute and endearing aesthetic. Moogles have become not only mascots for the Final Fantasy series but also a symbol of charm and whimsy in the world of video games. Their appearances vary in each game, adding a touch of familiarity for fans while also providing a fresh take on the character in different contexts.
This clique is for all the people who love different variations of moogles from the Final Fantasy series. Here you will find small pixel sprites that I either found online or created myself.
To navigate just use the menu above and to get back on the index page click on the banner at the bottom. Feel free to browse around and adopt an adorable little mog! Wanna exchange links?

 <3 Christina

April 27, 2024

Hello everyone, I managed to code the clique using a script so that it is easier for me to add members. It was really just getting tiring to do it all manually. Of course, when I added the members again, I also looked up who still had an active website. Anyone whose link didn't work was kicked out.

Also, I'm tired of searching for the sprite for 100 years. So I won't add anyone whose moogle I can't find on the index page or on one for cliques. After all, a clique exists for others to see. So if you are no longer listed, then your sprite simply cannot be found, or I no longer had your email address, or you did not specify your country. Unfortunately, the new script requires it, so feel free to join again!

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